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Kamikochi is the most scenic spot in Japan located at 1,500 meters above sea level in Matsumoto City.
Kamikochi is a cultural property which has been registered as a part of Chubu Sangaku National Park.
The gracious scenery you can view from the famous Kappa Bridge over pure Azusa River might be one of the most celestial scenery of Japan.
More than 1.5 million people visit this area over a year.

Access to Kamikochi from Shinjuku sta.
Shinjuku sta.- <Highway-Buses> - Matsumoto sta. - <Train> - Shinshimashima sta. - <Rocal Bus> - Kamikochi

<Shinjuku sta. to Matsumoto sta.>
<Matsumoto sta. to Shinshimashima sta.>
Rocal Bus
<Shinshimashima Bus Terminal to Kamikochi Bus Terminal>
Fare Adult 3,500 JPY
Child 1,750 JPY
Adult 700 JPY
Child 350 JPY
Adult 1,950 JPY
Child 980 JPY

>>Reserve a ticket for Matsumoto

Shinjuku - <Highway-Buses>(Shinjuku sta. to Takayama sta.) - Hirayu Onsen - <Rocal Bus> - Kamikochi

<Shinjuku sta. to Takayama sta.>
Rocal Bus
<Hirayu Onsen to Kamikochi >
Fare Adult 6,690 JPY
Child 3,350 JPY
One way 1,160 JPY
Round trip 2,050 JPY
*Fare for child is half the price of Adult
Please reserve a ticket for Shinjuku to Takayama and tell a staff that you want to get off at Hirayu onsen when purchasing the ticket. You will be paid back some of the fare.

>>Reserve a ticket for Hirayu onsen

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Reservation OPEN 7 days a week

Reservation OPEN 7 days a week


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