Watching World Sports Games in JAPAN

 Tips 1. Must see information for people who are in Japan during the World Sports Games!

Explore and enjoy Japan between matches!

 Tips 2. For people who wants to enjoy World Sports Games outside field!

Introduction of sports bar and public viewing places in Tokyo / Yokohama area.

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Reccomended Sports watching bars


Harajuku station (1 minutes walk from Takeshita exit) Google Map

In 2019 summer, new community space opened in Harajuku.
TRIP PORT is a café in noon and will be the sports bar in night. It has Wi-Fi and electricity charging spot.
Maximum storege is 40 people, reserving is possible.
It has travel agency next to it so you can plan about your trip and get informations about Shibuya area easily.


 Tips 3. Checkout your favorite team's match schedule and plan your trip!

Sapporo (Hokkaido) ⇒ Tokyo ⇒ Oita ⇒ Shizuoka
Reccomended route

[New Zealand]
Yokohama ⇒ Oita ⇒ Tokyo ⇒ Toyota (Aichi)
Reccomended route

Tokyo ⇒ Osaka ⇒ Tokyo ⇒ Kumagaya
Reccomended route

Sapporo (Hokkaido) ⇒ Kobe ⇒ Tokyo ⇒ Yokohama
Reccomended route

[South Africa]
Yokohama ⇒ Toyota (Aichi) ⇒ Shizuoka ⇒ Kobe
Reccomended route

[Scotland ]
Yokohama ⇒ Kobe ⇒ Shizuoka ⇒ Yokohama
Reccomended route

Toyota (Aichi) ⇒ Tokyo ⇒ Oita ⇒ Kumamoto
Reccomended Route

Fukuoka ⇒ Oita ⇒ Kobe ⇒ Kamaishi (Iwate)
Reccomended route