Must Visit!! Recommended spots in Kamikochi

Kamikochi is one of the most popular mountainous resorts in Japan. It is located in Nagano prefecture and known as the entrance to Japan Alps.
The recommended way to enjoy a day in Kamikochi is by hiking the trails along Azusa River from Taisho Pond to Myojin Bridge. It does not require advanced hiking skills or experiences, compared to climbing the surrounding peaks. Kamikochi is particularly beautiful during the autumn foliage season, which usually peaks in mid-October. If you would like to climb challenging mountain such as Nishihotakadake (2,909 m), Okuhotakadake (3,190 m), Maehotakadake (3,090 m) and the active volcano Yakedake (2,455 m), it is recommended between mid-June and mid-September.
Enjoy the most spectacular mountain scenery in Japan.

Recommended spots in Kamikochi

Kappa-bashi Bridge

No.1 Kappa-bashi Bridge

An iconic symbol of Kamikochi

It is a 36-meter-long suspension bridge spanning Azusa River.
You can have a panoramic view of majestic Japan Alps from here.


Taisho-ike Pond

No.2 Taisho-ike Pond

The scenery of the pond vailed in the morning haze is fantastic.

Taisho-ike Pond was formed by a volcanic eruption over one night in 1915.


Myojin-ike Pond

No.3 Myojin-ike Pond

Worshipped as a sacred place

It is known as "a pond that God lives" and located by Hotaka Shrine.


Hotaka Shrine Okumiya

No.4 Hotaka Shrine Okumiya

Enshrine a God of Japan Alps

Climbers visit here to pray for safety of climbing Japan Alps.