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I am afraid that you cannot purchase this special packaged ticket online.
Please reserve a round trip ticket from Shinjuku or Shibuya to Fuji Q Highland from the following reservation button on this website, and purchase Q-Pack ticket at the ticket counter when you pay for your reserved tickets at Shinjuku or Shibuya Expressway Bus Terminal. To reserve seats for Q-pack, please DO NOT book your tickets from the other page of this website and make payment online.
* Book seats from the following "Reserve Seats for Q-Pack" button and make a payment at the ticket counter on the departure date.

To reserve from Shinjuku to Fuji-Q Highland

Please purchase Q-pack ticket at Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal if you are departing from Shinjuku.

Reserve Seats for Q-Pack

To reserve from Shibuya to Fuji-Q Highland

Please purchase Q-pack ticket at Shibuya Expressway Bus Terminal (in Shibuya Mark City) if you are departing from Shibuya.

Reserve Seats for Q-Pack

Customers who wish to cancel reservations for Q-Pack ticket can cancel your seat reservation from this form.

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